Introducing Sunday Smiley Cupcake

Introducing Sunday Smiley Cupcakes….

cake 011

The inspiration behind Sunday Smiley Cupcakes came from the sponge-cake Samaritan, Cath Webb and her Smile Cake, which I first saw on ITV’s Food Glorious Food programme. Cath made a Victoria Sponge 365 days of the year and gave each one to a different person, just to make them smile. WOW! What a lady 🙂

Yes baking is fun, therapeutic (unless I’m in a rush, then it’s stressy) and the results are (usually) delicious, but really what I love about baking is making people smile – and we can never do enough of that.

So, we’ll keep it simple (otherwise the husband will go nuts over the supermarket bills 😉 )

6 Sunday Smiley Cupcakes, to a different person each week.

And what makes us smile more than chocolate and sprinkles?

The first batch of Sunday Smiley Cupcakes was delivered to one of our neighbours, Simon.


Ruth 🙂 🙂

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