Lizzy’s 21st!!!!

It’s been so long since we last posted – not due to a lack of baking i assure you.

These past few months have been hectic for the both of us:
– I graduated (wooop), went on holiday and have since done my best to enter into the real working world….

– Ruth’s computer broke which rather hindered her ability to blog and then her little girl started school (sooo cute)


So there have been big changes for us both.

However, despair not, the baking has continued and we are going to do our best to update you all on our projects over the next few weeks.

Quite a few of the previous posts have been about my attempts to create 21st birthday cakes for my friends. Well, i eventually turned 21 in June (unfortunately during my exams) and it was my turn to be spoiled with what ended up being a MASSIVE variety of baked goods.

I asked Ruth to throw me a girly tea party as her present to me; she embraced the idea immediately. I took all my housemates and a couple of other friends round to Ruth’s house where she greeted us warmly into her sitting room with prosecco and presents.


Then we entered the kitchen………..


In this blog i am not going to go into the details of recipes and how everything was made but just describe all the bakes so that, should you ever want to throw a tea party, you can look here for inspiration.

I asked Ruth to do everything in miniature as i knew we would all want to try everything and we wanted to be able to fit it all in.

She did an amazing variety of both savoury and sweet delicacies. Between us we managed to get pictures of them all so here goes:

Coronation chicken and ham and mustard sandwiches served on homemade bread


Mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels


Caramelized onion and goats cheese tartlets

Beef and pesto drizzle crostinis


Chocolate cups with toasted marshmallow froth

Mini Eclairs – Salted Caramel and Chocolate or Coffee

Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel Billionaire Shortbread

Raspberry Brownie Bites

Fondant Fancies: Lemon and Blackcurrant

Strawberries and Cream Meringues

Rhubarb and Custard Melting moments

Passion Fruit Marshmallows


A lot of the bakes could be prepared ahead and frozen which was very useful for Ruth who had a lot to do!

If anyone is particularly interested in any of the recipes then please comment below and we will put them up.

I had a lovely day and couldn’t have asked for more, but of course, being a student, i felt like i still had to have a slightly raucous houseparty to ensure i felt i had celebrated properly.

For this Ruth prepared yet another birthday cake which went down very well. It was a chic and sophisticated cake, which would be ideal for any young female adult.

She did a two tier cake, one coffee and one chocolate, covered them in white royal icing and then used a black icing to create dancing silhouettes all around the sides. It was beautiful!! Simple yet elegant. We wanted to top it with a barbie and a ken (don’t ask – it was a joint birthday party with my college husband; strange uni traditions) but the ken didn’t arrive on time so we improvised!


I had a brilliant birthday and it was the perfect way to celebrate finishing exams!


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