Cake and Bake Show London 2013


Eeeeek, so on Friday I went to London to the Cake and Bake Show in Earls Court with Mum. IT WAS AMAZING! Need I write more?

I suppose I should tell you a little bit about what we did…

When we arrived, there was a massive queue, some people had already been there for a couple of hours waiting in anticipation for the doors to open – Mum and I weren’t really prepared for just how big an event it was. Luckily, me being the VIP I was, we got in straight away as I needed to take my cake to the Clandestine Cake Club stand to be out on display.

Sugar Sculpture of the Queen and a Corgi Cake

After having dropped off my Ginger and Orange cake (which I have blogged about separately) we went to see Peter Sidwell (baker and judge on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Best Bakery’) making walnut and chocolate brioche. Due to health and safety restrictions, we weren’t allowed to try the product, however, safe to say that as they were left out on the table, they mysteriously disappeared…. So obviously I unfortunately have no idea what they were like (cough cough) but I would definitely recommend making them, if you know what I mean :p


We then went over to see the beautifully French Eric Lanlard  (from Channel 4s ‘Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard’ and owner of Cake Boy in London). He made a salted caramel and chocolate cake. Oh la la, it looked divine! I managed to get the recipe, so hopefully we’ll be able to make it soon. You could tell that Eric was a real showman, Mum was completely besotted. He gave some useful advice as well – did you know that, if the size of the egg is not specified then there is an unwritten rule that it means medium. Or that you should always fold in egg whites with a rubber spatula, if the recipe says use a metal spoon then it’s usually because the spatula hadn’t been invented! Oh, and did we mention…Eric Lanlard is FOLLOWING US ON TWITTER!!!! Ruth just about fainted when she found out, Eric being her idol and all. @3cupcakesisters


The judging of the CCC cakes took place at lunchtime and I went along to see what Peter Sidwell thought about them. He was complementary about them all and the home-made marmalade in mine got a special mention (thanks Mum). The winner was a lemon and rhubarb cake which looked scrumptious – a worthy winner!

Me and Peter Sidwell

We then wondered around the whole of the exhibition area watching demonstrations, sampling bits and bobs and learning a whole lot about baking! We found the most amazing fruity fudges made by Yum Yum Tree Fudge Company, we were absolutely blown away, especially by the Peaches and Cream flavour. They managed to sell us four bags, each of a different flavour!

There were also some lovely cheese stalls such as Stamford Cheese, who had a particularly memorable cheddar flavoured with whisky.

photo (1)

Alice in Wonderland inspired dessert table

I then attended a talk by Kathy Moore on setting up a cake business, which was incredibly insightful, although a bit daunting. I never imagined that there were quite so many governmental acts and regulations restricting what you can do.


Tower of Mini Desserts from the wedding cake of the future display

Mum and I came back with lots of flyers, business cards and ideas along with a few treats for ourselves and the family. We bought Ruth some more real fruit flavoured fondant icing sugar from Squires Kitchen and Anna a lovely brownie (actually two).

I am DEFINITELY going to go again, I might go to the one in Manchester next April. It was such an amazing and exciting experience and I felt honoured having my cake on show at such a prestigious event!


Oh, I almost forgot. I STOOD NEXT TO LUISA ZISSMAN. We were both looking at a stand of essences and extracts (as you do) but I didn’t have the confidence to talk to her. Just in case anyone is interested, she is tiny in real life!

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