Basic Recipes

Some of the basic recipes that everyone needs, open to any adaptation or decoration, and the basis of many of our blog posts!

Basic Cupcake Recipe

Makes 12 small fairy cakes (the standard case size you can buy in the supermarket). If you are using large cupcake cases, it would be a good idea to double the quantities. 110g Self Raising Flour 110g Margarine or very softened butter 110g Caster Sugar 1 level tsp baking powder 2 large eggs (lightly whisked) … Continue reading Basic Cupcake Recipe

Basic Butter Icing

Makes enough to pipe onto 12-16 small cupcakes or 8-12 large (depending on how you apply it): 125g butter, at room temperature 250g icing sugar, sifted 2-3 tbsp milk Making good buttercream is quite labour intensive if you do it by hand, so make sure to have the butter at room temperature. If you have … Continue reading Basic Butter Icing

Chocolate Cake

This is a wonderful chocolate cake, beautifully light and moist and a perfect base for any additions with flavours and decoration. It’s the cake Ruth used in her Smartie Pants cake recipe featured in the Clandestine Cake Club: A Year of Cake book (available to purchase here) Ingredients – cake 175g self-raising flour 1 ½ level tsp … Continue reading Chocolate Cake

Victoria Sponge

This is an absolute classic from our favourite Mary Berry. The perfect base for adding some lemon or coffee but also wonderful as it is with some lovely jam. Ingredients 175g soft margarine 175 g caster sugar 175g self-raising flour 3 eggs, beaten 1 ½ level tsps baking powder Strawberry/Raspberry jam   Method 1. Preheat the … Continue reading Victoria Sponge

Baileys Cake

This is a delicious cake for any occasion, a really moist chocolate cake that’s almost more like a pudding as it can turn out quite gooey! Ingredients 250g self-raising flour 300g caster sugar 3 heaped tbsps cocoa ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda 250g margarine 250ml baileys 100ml milk 2 medium eggs 1 tsp vanilla essence … Continue reading Baileys Cake