Toy Story Party

toy story cake

Toy Story Party – cake, cake pops, gingerbread biscuits

My little girl turned 3 this summer (they grow up so quickly!!). Her favourite film at the moment is Toy Story, much loved by the whole family, myself included! I decided to go with a Toy Story theme for her party and thankfully managed to rope Lizzy in to help with / do everything!

It goes without saying that the cake was my top priority. Her 1st birthday rainbow cake was a big hit, so the pressure was really on. Especially after I let the side down and didn’t make her a cake at all last year (gasp of horror). I was suffering from morning sickness (morning? all day, more like!) at the time, so I did have a teeny tiny excuse….

After much humming and harring and searching on pinterest, we decided on a cake that looked like Andy from Toy Story’s bed (with some plastic toys lying on it). I really wanted to steer clear of enduring the stress of making edible novelty figures. I find this sooooo time consuming and not particularly enjoyable. Modelling is really not my strength.

toy story cake

Toy Story Andy’s bed Cake

To make the cake, we baked two large chocolate cakes in a large roasting tin, trimmed the edges, then cut them in half and stacked all four on top of each other. We sandwiched them together with chocolate fudge icing and raspberry jam. It was tricky to make sure every single side and corner were the exact same height, so we took some time over this stage (with a tape measure) – otherwise we would have regretted it later if we’d ended up with a wonky bed!

Decorating the cake was a rather stressful experience, as we were under time pressure. We rolled out a large piece of white fondant icing which we used to cover the entire cake and became the ‘bed sheet’. We then coloured some icing blue and rolled it out to use as the bedcover/quilt. As we wanted there to be pleats in the cover, we let it drape naturally – there was no need for fiddling around trying to smooth the icing over the cake. We folded the white fondant back to create a sheet and fashioned a pillow (also using white).

For the bedposts, Lizzy had the absolutely brilliant idea of using gingerbread biscuits, so that they would stand up nice and solidly. She cut out two bed posts by hand using a sharp knife and then baked them in the oven. When they were cool, we stuck them to the cake using glacé icing.

I added the lettering, stars and rug and steamed the whole thing with the iron (crazy?!) to get rid of any traces of icing sugar and give it a nice shiny finish.

IMG_7733 (2)

The kids enjoyed having a play with it, before smashing it up and then devouring it, which makes it all worth it. This is the moment just before Buzz dived head-first into the cake, followed shortly by both Jessie and Woody being decapitated!

IMG_7772 (3)

Getting ready to smash up the cake

To go alongside the cake, we made Alien and Hamm cake pops. These are always a bit of a faff, but the results are good fun!


Toy Story Alien Cake Pops

IMG_7722 (2)

Toy Story Hamm Cake Pops

We also made an array of Toy Story themed gingerbread biscuits: Mr Potato Head, Woody’s Sheriff Badge and Buzz’s rocket. We used dairy-free margarine in the biscuits, to make them egg and dairy free, as we had guests with allergies. The biscuits were still delicious, but they did go soft more quickly than usual. We stuck the mini smarties on with glacé icing. The biscuits were so easy to make and the kids loved them, they were probably the most popular thing of all! Note to self: it does not have to be complicated or an exact replica of a character to delight the children!!


Toy Story Gingerbread Biscuits

Here’s the birthday girl decorating Toy Story themed cupcakes. A great activity and something for the kids to take home in their party bags.


Done! Another party survived! Big thanks to Lizzy for all the help xx

Ruth 🙂

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