Pig Mud Cake

An extremely belated post of the cake I made for a Bake Off competition at my church last year (for which I previously made this Ice Cream Accident Drip Cake) I made this delicious chocolate cake with fun fudgy ‘mud’ icing and fondant pigs.


For this bake I made our basic chocolate cake recipe 1.5x all ingredients, in order to make three cakes rather than 2. I then made our chocolate fudge buttercream. I’m not going to focus too much on the cakes here and more on the decorating, but just a couple of tips.


  • I do it with three cakes to give it a bit more height and make it a bit more of a centrepiece. It also worked very well for the height of the KitKats round the outside.
  • When increasing a cake recipe to 1.5x make sure you weigh your mixing bowl before starting, so that once everything is added you can calculate how much just your mixture weighs (weight of bowl and mixture – weight of bowl).
  • Divide the amount of mixture by 3 and weigh an equal amount into the three cake tins.


  • The first time I made this icing, after first heating the ingredients I thought I had done it very wrong as it was gritty and looked distinctly terrible. Don’t worry!!! This is what it is meant to look like!
  • Persevere and add the milk and icing sugar. This makes it all come together and become beautifully smooth. Don’t jump the gun and do what I did, where you throw two batches in the bin despairingly and have to go out to the shop to get more cocoa!
  • I put the icing between the cakes and on top. For this cake you want quite a decent amount to go on top to create effective ‘mud’.


  • Once cooked (springy when pressed, and skewer comes out clean), trim the tops with a bread knife to make them more flat for stacking.
  • Place a layer of fudge icing on the cake.
  • Then place a layer of raspberry jam on top of that (I like adding this too as it gives a nice zing).
  • Stack the cakes on top of each other.
  • Cover the outside of the cake in fudge icing, initially crumb coating.
  • Once there is a crumb coat layer, add more fudge buttercream, most importantly to the top, smoothing it out with a knife or a palette knife. One of the best things about this cake is that the buttercream by no means needs to be perfectly neat as it is meant to be mud!
  • After that place KitKats around the whole cake; I used 20 two finger KitKats which perfectly went round the 8″ cakes.
  • I then used a nice cream ribbon round the outside which helps to keep the KitKats all in place, but you could use any colour you want.
  • I then added more icing onto the top of the cake, make sure it was flatter, and filled evenly all the way up to the KitKats.

Now onto the fun stuff, decorating!

To do this you’ll need:

  • fondant icing
  • pink gel food colouring
  • a little bit of water in a cup,
  • a knife
  • fondant shaping tools (I just have some cheap ones from Morrisons). To be honest for these pigs, a cocktail stick might work just as well!

To make the little pigs, I dyed probably about 300g of shop bought fondant icing pink, using a combination of red and pink gel icing colours.

Pig 1, The Sitting Pig:

To make the first pig, I made two small balls, both roughly 5cm diameter. Flatten one side of each ball and make a criss-cross pattern on it with a knife.

Dab some water onto the criss-cross. This acts like a glue to stick the pieces together. Put the two pieces together, creating the head and body.

Now onto some features.

NOSE: Make a smaller ball to be the nose. Flatten it with the side of the knife. Make two small holes for nostrils in it, using either a cocktail stick or the sharp end of a fondant tool. Criss-cross the back of the nose, and the front of the head. Dab both with water and stick nose to head.

EYES: The simplest bit of this decoration! Just use a cocktail stick to make to small holes above the nose as eyes.

EARS: Make a small cone of icing, measuring up against the head for size. Flatten the two long sides of the cone with a knife. Try not to flatten the base of the cone too much as you will need a good base to attach it to the head.

Roll your two flattened sides of fondant into the middle, one overlapping the other. Neaten up the edges, removing any excess fondant, and then neaten the hole in the ear with a knife.

Line up the ear on the head to see where you want to put it. Criss-cross this area with the knife. Then criss-cross the bottom of the ear/cone, dab both this and the head with water, and stick them together. Neaten the join by blending the ear into the head with a fondant tool or a knife.

Repeat to make another ear, but this time roll the flattened sides of the cone the other way so that both ears point outwards.

ARMS: Very simply, roll some fondant to make thin sausages, ensuring one end is neat and round, to be the ‘hands’. Criss-cross one side of the arm, dab with water and position onto pig’s body coming across its tummy. Finally, add a little belly button with a cocktail stick or fondant tool.

Now you have finished Pig 1, the Sitting Pig.

Onto Pig 2!

Pig 2, The Mudbathing Pig

In some ways easier, as this one involves less attaching of limbs as they’re all placed in the ‘mud’ independently to make it look like the piggy is floating in mud.

HEAD: As above, make a main ball as the head, a nose, and two ears. Attach all together, and add two holes as the eyes.

BODY: Make another, slightly larger and more oval ball to make up the body. Make a belly button with a cocktail stick, around 2/3 down the oval, in the midline.

TROTTERS: Make 4 small ovals. With a knife or fondant tool, make a small slit in the oval, going 1/2 to 2/3 of the way along the oval.

Et voila, the components for one Mudbathing Pig.

And finally, onto Pigs 3, 4, and 5, The Piggy Bums.

To make the bums make three slightly different sized ovals. For each one, chop of one side with a knife to make it sit flatly on the table. Using a knife or fondant tool (which gives a less harsh finish), make a line down the centre to make the bum.

TAILS: Make three thin sausages of fondant icing, tapering one end of it. Criss-cross the area at the top of the bum-line and put a bit of water on it. Start placing the tail onto the bum, and coil it round on top of itself to for a corksrew like tail, with about two coils.

And that’s it! Three Piggy Bums.


The beauty of this is you can essentially just chuck all the pigs on top!

I cut off the bottom of The Sitting Pig to make it flat-bottomed and then pressed it lightly into the mud, sitting against some of the KitKats.

On the opposite side, place The Mudbathing Pig, pressing all aspects of the pig into the ‘mud’, making sure you can still see ‘mud’ in between the limbs!

Finally, press The Pig Bums into the ‘mud’ in the rest of the space.

For the finishing touch, distress the top of the visible icing slightly with a knife, so that it isn’t flat and looks more mud-like and rustic. So the finished pigs should look something like this:

Scroll through below for more pictures of the finished cake! Enjoy!

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