Skittles Flavour Checkerboard Cake

This epic skittles flavoured cake includes: -Skittles buttercream -Skittles jam -Skittles drizzle sponge cakes (each sponge flavoured by the matching colour skittle....oh yes) A couple of weeks ago, it was our youngest sister Anna's 18th birthday (HOW is she 18?!). Look at my two sisters, all ready for Anna's first 'legal' night out - making me feel ancient!! It … Continue reading Skittles Flavour Checkerboard Cake

Heart Surprise Cake

   This weekend i ventured down south to Bristol for a friends 21st. Now that i have a bit of a reputation regarding cakes, i didn't feel i could turn up without one but was swiftly running out of ideas. After the checkerboard cake i made last time i wasn't sure how i was going … Continue reading Heart Surprise Cake

Cherry Bakewell Cake: A proper crowd pleaser!

Cherry Bakewell Cake is a proper, all-round crowd pleaser. It always gets devoured within minutes, with lots of ooohs and ahhhs of appreciation. "Divine", "I could eat the whole thing in one sitting", "how many slices can I have?", "that really is a very, very good cake" are among the comments this cake received on … Continue reading Cherry Bakewell Cake: A proper crowd pleaser!

Chocolate and Chai Tea Checkerboard Cake

My last post was about my friends 21st and the mulled wine cupcakes I made for her. Well a birthday isn't a birthday without an actual cake to cut into. In my house we try to make cakes for people's birthdays that reflect something about them or something they really like. In the past we've had … Continue reading Chocolate and Chai Tea Checkerboard Cake