Elsa cake and Frozen party!

I recently found myself pondering about what cake I will make for my daughter's 5th birthday party, and I realised I hadn't yet blogged about her 4th. Eeek! So, 8 months late, but better late than never! "ūüé∂Can't hold it back anymoreūüé∂". Like pretty much every 4 year old girl, my daughter was desperate for … Continue reading Elsa cake and Frozen party!

Raspberry Twirl Cake

Hello! I've got so much blogging to catch up on, with Anna's 18th and my son's 1st birthday falling in the same month, busy busy! As you know, I made this crazy skittles flavoured cake for Anna's 18th party. However, the party wasn't on her actual birthday and our family celebration called for another cake, … Continue reading Raspberry Twirl Cake

Skittles Flavour Checkerboard Cake

This epic skittles flavoured cake includes: -Skittles buttercream -Skittles jam -Skittles drizzle sponge cakes (each sponge flavoured by the matching colour skittle....oh yes) A couple of weeks ago, it was our youngest sister Anna's 18th birthday (HOW is she 18?!). Look at¬†my¬†two sisters,¬†all ready for¬†Anna's first 'legal' night out - making me feel ancient!! It … Continue reading Skittles Flavour Checkerboard Cake

Cherry Bakewell Cake: A proper crowd pleaser!

Cherry Bakewell Cake is a proper, all-round crowd pleaser. It always gets devoured within minutes, with lots of ooohs and ahhhs of appreciation. "Divine", "I could eat the whole thing in one sitting", "how many slices can I have?", "that really is a very, very good cake" are among the comments this cake received on … Continue reading Cherry Bakewell Cake: A proper crowd pleaser!