Sunday July 7th

This weekend was a flurry of excitement - the summer sun finally arrived (BBQ time) and MURRAY WON WIMBLEDON!!!!! I can't let a sunny Wimbledon weekend pass by without the traditional strawberries - they were the only thing I wanted to bake with / eat this weekend. Unfortunately, both the local greengrocers sold out of … Continue reading Sunday July 7th

Sunday 30th June

Sunday has come around again already! Ruth is currently on her way back from France and Anna is up a hill somewhere doing her gold Duke of Edinburgh. I was very organised this week and made my Smiley cupcakes a whole day in advance (the joy of being a student with ridiculously long summer holidays … Continue reading Sunday 30th June

Introducing Sunday Smiley Cupcake

Introducing Sunday Smiley Cupcakes.... The inspiration behind Sunday Smiley Cupcakes came from the sponge-cake Samaritan, Cath Webb and her Smile Cake, which I first saw on ITV's Food Glorious Food programme. Cath made a Victoria Sponge 365 days of the year and gave each one to a different person, just to make them smile. WOW! What a … Continue reading Introducing Sunday Smiley Cupcake