Sunday July 7th

Strawberry Cupcakes

‘Wimbledon’ Strawberry Cupcakes

This weekend was a flurry of excitement – the summer sun finally arrived (BBQ time) and MURRAY WON WIMBLEDON!!!!!

I can’t let a sunny Wimbledon weekend pass by without the traditional strawberries – they were the only thing I wanted to bake with / eat this weekend. Unfortunately, both the local greengrocers sold out of strawberries the minute the sun peeked out from beneath the cloud it’s been hiding under, eeek.  A mad dash to the supermarket meant I managed to get my hands on a few punnets before they all flew off the shelves and I also picked up some nice strawberry jam. So, in honour of our tennis champion I made some strawberry jam cupcakes. I used the basic cupcake recipe, but dolloped just half the amount of batter into the case, then a teaspoon of jam followed by another dollop of batter. The result was a nice vanilla sponge with a jammy centre and this method saved me all the time of coring out the middles after baking. I used my Lakeland duo piping kit for the swirls, half vanilla buttercream and half strawberry. This week the cupcakes went to my little girl’s childminder and I’m sure they’ll be enjoyed by the children too 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed the tennis 🙂



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