Seville Orange and Sherry Spanish Cupcakes

Last week I was invited to a leaving party for a family friend who has moved to Spain for the year, what better opportunity to experiment with new flavours combinations! So, where to start? What is Spain famous for? Tapas, Bull Fighting, Sangria - only the latter really inspired me flavour wise. After much deliberation, … Continue reading Seville Orange and Sherry Spanish Cupcakes

Sunday 14th July

Sunday again... WHO WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET THE CUPCAKES??? One ofย my oldest school friends ๐Ÿ™‚ I went round to her house and delivered a batch of six gingerbread cupcakes. As I ran to the fridge to make them yesterday evening, I realised we had no butter so a traditional cupcake with buttercream was out … Continue reading Sunday 14th July