Sunday 14th July



One of my oldest school friends 🙂

I went round to her house and delivered a batch of six gingerbread cupcakes. As I ran to the fridge to make them yesterday evening, I realised we had no butter so a traditional cupcake with buttercream was out of the question. Instead, I created a twist on the classic gingerbread recipe and made them into cupcakes with some mixed fruit and crystallised ginger to add some depth. To decorate, I drizzled them with lemon glacé icing and treacle and topped them with more crystallised ginger.


My batch made more than six so there were a few left over that I could try for myself (such a shame), they were a lovely change from the classic sort of cupcake, I reckon they would go down well with my Mum – i will have to make her a batch at some point. They are perfect for people who like traditional English cakes,at some point i might try to create fruit cake cupcakes, or perhaps a variation of the good old yorkshire parkin. Yummm

Lizzy 🙂

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