Royal Baby Buns

Royal baby cupcakes

The time is nearly here, Kate is about to pop,  but the big question, will it be a boy or a girl?

We made some baby pink and baby blue cupcakes this week while speculating what we think it will be.

Royal baby cupcakes

Royal baby cupcakes


We want you to all take a guess as to the name of the new royal and when it arrives, if any of you are correct we will send you one of your very own dual piping bags as featured in our Cocktail Cupcakes.

So comment away, tell us what you think and we will get in contact with the lucky winner.

ONLINE deffo

Ruth, Lizzy and Anna

8 thoughts on “Royal Baby Buns

  1. ruth says:

    For a girl, Charlotte – with the middle name Elizabeth for sure!

    For a boy, George.

    I’m hoping it’s a girl as it’s the first time the firstborn will be monarch, regardless of sex. Considering our longest reigning monarchs are Queen Victoria (63 years) and Queen Elizabeth 2nd (61 years and counting) girls quite literally ‘rule’ 😉

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