School’s out!

Last week was the last week of school and doing work was out of the question, so instead I used my time to make some cupcakes for my Maths class to celebrate the imminent summer holidays 🙂


I started by making basic cupcakes and once cooked, left them to cool fully. Then, using a sharp knife I cut circular holes into the top of each cupcake and put in some home-made strawberry jam (courtesy of Mum!).  I cut the removed cake into discs and replaced them onto the holes, like lids. I made some vanilla buttercream icing and piped it in small swirls onto the cakes, just enough to cover up the replaced discs. Then, I sprinkled on some hundreds and thousands and voilà! A Victoria sponge in a cupcake 🙂


They were very well received in Maths  (i hope as much as the Chinese takeaway brought in by someone else!) and the jam in the middle was a delightful hidden surprise and a great way to end the school year.


Everyone have a lovely summer holiday and let’s hope the weather stays so beautiful!

Anna 😀


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